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Writers Guidelines



Indie Travel Guru serves budget-conscious international travelers. Our niche is the “two-star traveler;” those who fall in between the backpacker/hostel crowd and the fancy hotel crowd, a group that isn’t always well-served by the existing media.  We also aim to inspire armchair travelers to take that first leap.

We are in the market for readable, practical content and photo essays. We don’t publish travel essays or personal blog posts, but we will consider republishing blog content that is practical and reader-focused.

Good article types to pitch to us include:

  • Top 5 Lists
  • How to articles (better ways to book discount travel)
  • Traveler safety pieces
  • Destination Photo Essays
  • Food, entertainment, attractions related to a destination
  • Port guides, 24 hours in [destination] guides, etc.
  • Travel hacks
  • Gear reviews

Typical length 500-700 words. We currently pay $20 for one-time rights, plus we’re happy to include a link to your blog, site, or social media. We’re eager to publish new writers who have skill but need clips.

In the near future

In 2016, we intend to expand into destination guides, including “pocket guide” books and e-books. We’ll also be adding destination guides to the site. Payment TBA.




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