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Women’s Adventure Tours

Women-only travel groups

My women-only travel groups are a little different from the usual — smaller, more intimate, sometimes a little rough around the edges. We’re not just looking at the world, we’re squishing it between our toes.

* Nonbinary and women-identifying people welcome!

women only travel groups to Istanbul

Sold out
Women’s Adventure in Istanbul
October 2023

  • Tour palaces and mosques
  • Shop in the Grand Bazaar
  • Take in a traditional dance performance
  • Indulge yourself with a hammam bath
  • Experience one of the greatest cuisines in the world
  • Optional: Visit ancient ruins in a sleepy beach town on the Mediterranean
  • Small, women-only travel groups
women only travel groups - women's adventure in Java & Bali

Women’s Adventure in Java & Bali
Sold out March 2024

April 2024

  • Explore ancient temples
  • Pedal a bling-bling car at a palace festival
  • Test your courage on a swing high above the rice fields
  • Taste all the delicious flavors of Indonesia
  • Hang out with primates in the Monkey Forest
  • Small, women-only travel groups
  • Optional extension: Live for three days on a riverboat in Borneo and visit the orangutans

In the works:
Women’s Adventure in Peru

(Summer 2024?)

What is a Women’s Adventure?

women only travel group at macchu picchu

We’re not looking at the world through bus windows — we’re squishing it between our toes.

I created these small-group trips for women (and femme-identifying folks) who like to experience life in faraway places, get to know local people, and delve deep into the culture.

Nothing wrong with resorts and four-star hotels — but that’s not this trip. My women-only travel groups are a little rough around the edges.

Our water isn’t always hot, and our towels and pillows might not be fluffy sometimes, but we love being as immersed as possible in the local way of life. And the money we save on fancy lodging lets us dive into more activities and adventures!

Meeting the other cool chicks who love to travel this way is half the fun!

I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience

Lauren, our host, was a charming ambassador for Morocco; I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience than she did for our group consisting of eight strangers (soon to become friends).

Thank you, Lauren, for planning such a wonderful trip and sharing so many fabulous experiences. Looking forward to your future retreats. Read more “I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience”

Melody McGowan

Signing up for another trip!

Small group of great women, rented house, and creative tour leader who helped us see parts of Peru that tourists normally don’t get to see. Read more “Signing up for another trip!”

Lynda Latifa Wilkinson

A Fabulous Adventure

A fabulous vacation and adventure through the small neighborhoods all the way to the top of Machu Picchu Read more “A Fabulous Adventure”

Amber Price

Safe, comfortable, and fun!

women only travel group with camel

Lauren made me feel comfortable and safe traveling to a part of the world I had never been to previously.  The personal experiences she shares regarding being a smart traveler and her cultural knowledge are valuable.

She is friendly, a good problem solver, respectful of personal space/time, and fun. I would definitely travel with her again. Read more “Safe, comfortable, and fun!”

Jen Draco

Refreshed and recharged for life

Never in a million years did I think I would have the experience I had in Peru. Thank you, Lauren! Read more “Refreshed and recharged for life”

Jessica Gunneson

A well-rounded immersion in culture

Lauren was a fantastic host —wonderful, full of life, giving, trustworthy and a ton of fun! Even though the stay was only a week long, we got such a beautiful, well-rounded immersion in the culture…

What this is not: your standard trip. We saved money along the way and got a fantastic cultural voyage. I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience and I will most definitely be joining Lauren again in the near future. Read more “A well-rounded immersion in culture”

Gabriella Gaita

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women only travel groups

Women Only Travel Groups are a trend

Apparently this kind of travel is a hot trend. Who knew? Certainly not me when I started offering Women's Adventures in 2019. But I hope they're here to stay because these trips are a BLAST!

Women-only travel groups are a trend that has taken off in recent years, much to the delight of women around the world.

It’s never been easier to join a group of women and explore the unknown together in an empowering, supportive environment. While many women choose to travel solo these days, women only travel groups offer something special: camaraderie, encouragement and an interesting insight into what female-specific culture is like in different parts of the world.

This form of travel is not only exciting – it can be highly educational too!

Plus with women-only tours often focusing on sisterhood activities like yoga or guided hikes, women get to enjoy unique experiences without worrying about being judged or uncomfortable around men, or . I highly recommend checking out women-only travel groups if you’re looking for something a bit different.

FAQs about women only travel groups

What are the benefits of traveling with a women only travel group?

women only travel groups offer something special: camaraderie, encouragement and an interesting insight into what female-specific culture is like in different parts of the world.

Why are women-only travel groups popular?

Lots of women want to travel, but don't have a partner or friend who is interested in going with them. Traveling with a group is more affordable and safer than going alone, and traveling with other women is relaxing and fun.

What ages enjoy these trips? Are they good for women over 50?

The majority of my guests have been between the ages of 40-70. I've had some fierce senior women on these trips! My youngest guests have been around 30, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to interact across generations.

What if I want to bring my husband?

Some of my guests organize private groups and hire me to lead them, just so they can include men in the group. I'm happy to do that for you! If it's a group of 8 or more, the price is the same — if you have a smaller group or want to make changes to the itinerary, email me and we'll work out a price together.

How do you decide who is a "woman" when gender is a not binary?

Such a great question! I do not decide. I let my guests decide for themselves what gender they identify as. Nonbinary people are welcome if they feel drawn to a women-only environment.

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