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Take Charge & Transform Your Life: A Women’s Adventure & Workshop in Peru

This Women’s Adventure changes everything

Are you yearning to create change in your career, your relationships, your mission?
Are you ready to reshape yourself and your life in a way that brings you satisfaction, purpose, and joy?

Be a part of this intimate group in Peru’s breathtaking Sacred Valley, where Dr. Deborah Ballard-Reisch, an award-winning visionary leader, inspiring teacher, and mentor, will guide you in a multi-disciplinary workshop to transform your life. Dr. Ballard-Reisch will help you identify your strengths, think expansively about your future, embrace your desires, and plan your next move while Lauren from Indie Travel Guru guides you in exploring Incan ruins and Andean village life.

Come get in touch with who you are and who you dream to be! 

This trip was canceled for 2020 due to the pandemic.
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8d/7n Peru Adventure including the transformation workshop $1850
4d/3n Andean Homestay add-on $450

Includes an intimate workshop and an opportunity for private consultation with Dr. Ballard-Reisch, study materials, lodging, all activities, guides, ground transportation, admissions to museums and attractions, lessons, classes, and daily breakfast. Excludes airfare, travel insurance, restaurant meals, souvenirs and gratuities

Sacred Valley • Cusco • Machu Picchu

We’ll scramble over Incan ruins, make offerings in a traditional ceremony, explore the historic city of Cusco, meet women weavers, and spend a day in the clouds at Machu Picchu! Meanwhile, you’ll explore yourself and your future using individual, group, and one-on-one work, including exercises, guided meditation, yoga, journaling, and activities. You’ll hang out with locals, hike in the mountains, try local transportation, and so much more. 

By the time you leave, you will understand Peru more intimately than most tourists — know yourself more deeply — and you’ll have a plan to transform your life.

Changing our lives happens when we focus on our strengths and build on them to create the futures we desire. “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” Come explore Peru with us and decide.

Deborah is an adventurous, world traveling lover of cultures. She is a writer, private consultant, coach,
and workshop facilitator. She believes that life is a gift and being open and fearless helps us live our best lives..

This trip will include a lot of walking, on rough terrain, at high altitudes. You need a reasonable degree of fitness.

Your 8d/7n Peru Adventure

Day 1: Grounding & Orientation (July 25, 2020)

If you get to Cusco a few days early (which is a great idea, so you can acclimate to altitude) we’ll help you find the right hotel and make sure you’re picked up at the airport and taken there.

Either way, on this day we’ll all pile into a private van and ride together to our house in the Sacred Valley, where we will settle into our rooms and get to know one another.

NOTE: Our house will be Andean-style, a bit rustic. Expect questionable hot water, scratchy, thin towels, flat pillows, and mountain views that will fill your soul for months to come.

In the evening, we’ll leave our everyday lives behind as we take part in a traditional Despacho Ceremony of Gratitude and Healing. According to our spirit guide “This ceremony links gratitude with happiness, health, and dreams manifested. This ceremony is also to acquire inner balance and inner peace and to remove anything negative. Despacho is to call upon the elemental forces and to enter into our own divinity.” This experience helps ground us and prepare us for the work ahead.

Day 2: Meeting myself again for the first time (July 26, 2020)

Transformation continues on Day 2 as we focus on self-discovery. This day includes acclimating to the altitude, soaking up the incredible views, meeting the amazing people of the Sacred Valley, and continuing our cultural exploration of Peru. 

Our morning begins with yoga, guided meditation, breakfast, and journaling to help us identify our workshop objectives and get in touch with how we see ourselves. Activities throughout the day focus on looking inward as we re-discover ourselves, our strengths, and the life experiences that have made us who we are today. 

Today’s cultural experiences include a trip to the incredible Inkariy Museum to learn about the historic rituals, beliefs, and traditions of the Andean people. Next, we travel to the small town of Urubamba, where locals gather to trade homegrown vegetables in the market or to enjoy an ice cream cone in the plaza. 

Lunch at an innovative Children’s Home involves meeting some of the teenage residents and staff. After lunch, a guided tour of the market helps us understand both the local produce and the people of Peru. We top the day off with a gourmet dinner at a great restaurant. 

Finally, we return home for a relaxing evening and closing workshop activities of the day.

Day 3: Changing my world view (Pass my rose-colored glasses) (July 27, 2020)

As we release the past and learn to explore the world with different eyes, what better place to do so than in the awe-inspiring mountains above the village of Pisac where we will hike trails in the fresh mountain air and encounter Incan ruins around every turn. 

Our day begins with yoga, guided meditation, breakfast and journaling as we focus on today’s theme, exploration, and set our intentions. A van takes us to the village of Pisac where we can each choose to take a truly strenuous and awe-inspiring hike or to visit just the most dramatic sites. 

This breathtaking environment is deeply healing and life-changing for many people — it’s sure to inspire you, and you’ll have an opportunity to deepen and expand your epiphanies from the morning with group work and journaling on the mountainside. When we leave the mountain, we will make time to shop in Pisac’s legendary market before we have a simple dinner and head home to relax and assimilate the insights from our day with closing activities and a brief restorative yoga class.

Day 4: Discovering myself and the world (July 28, 2020)

Today’s activities focus on integrating the insights from our experiences so far in order to discover ourselves and the world in new and powerful ways. 

After yoga, meditation, and breakfast, workshop activities focus on blending the insights we’ve gained into a cohesive whole that will propel us forward. We’ll make lunch together in our house, then head to Cusco, the heart of the Incan Empire and the seat of Spanish control in Peru. 

On our way, we visit the weavers of Chinchero and learn about Andean dyeing, spinning, and weaving. We’ll have a chance to buy handmade items directly from the artists who create them. In Cusco, we explore the Plaza de Armas and then head above the city to visit the ruins at Sacsayhuaman and the Temple of the Moon where we take part in a powerful ceremony releasing the past and opening space for the future we will create.

Day 5: Visioning my future (July 29, 2020)

Today we have one-on-one time with Dr. Ballard-Reisch and opportunities to work with fellow workshop participants. 

We each imagine the future we desire. If you find it difficult to create a realistic, desirable vision of the future for yourself, you’re in for a treat as Deborah walks you through a process to do exactly that. Even better, you then have the skills you need to do this work for yourself in the future. 

For a change of scenery, we spend the afternoon in Urubamba at a lovely garden restaurant where you can enjoy a fresh juice, coffee or tea while building and refining your vision. A quick dinner in Urubamba is followed by preparation to leave for Machu Picchu the next morning.

Day 6: Transforming my life (July 30, 2020)

Everything we do today emphasizes planning for your dream. Here’s where we dig deep into the nuts and bolts of how to make your transformation happen. 

After yoga, meditation, and breakfast, you’ll develop your plan to change your life before we leave for Ollantaytambo, a beautiful Incan city on the way to Machu Picchu. After lunch, we check out the incredible ruins on the mountainside. You have the option to climb the terraces and explore or save your energy for Machu Picchu and enjoy a rooftop cafe with a stunning view. 

This day provides many opportunities for one-on-one work with Dr. Ballard-Reisch to refine your plan, either as we hike together, or enjoy the rooftop café. The 90-minute train ride to Aguas Calientes, our launching point for a day at Machu Picchu, offers time to relax, revise your plan, and take in the breathtaking scenery, including mountains, rivers, ruins, and jungle. We check into the hotel, have a relaxing dinner at a local restaurant, and turn in early in preparation for our day of exploration at Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 7: Cliff jumping (July 31, 2020)

This morning, we wake up early, enjoy the hotel breakfast, then head into the clouds on the most amazing bus ride of your life! 

At Machu Picchu, a guide will explain the ruins, including the Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Condor, and other Incan buildings. At a leisurely pace, we explore the ancient ruins, stopping at all the best photo locations. At the end of the day, we return by train to Ollantaytambo and take a van home. 

Machu Picchu will move you. It is like nothing you’ve ever imagined, and it will open your heart and your mind to new possibilities and an expansive future. In the evening, Deborah will work with you one last time to solidify your commitment to creating the changes you want in your life and making your dreams come true. We will end the workshop with a powerful celebration of the change this adventure has inspired.

Day 8: Departures (August 1, 2020)

We will make arrangements for everyone to be returned to the airport in Cusco so you can begin your journey home, suitcase full of souvenirs, heart filled with memories and friendships, and a journal filled with exciting dreams and plans to transform your future.

If you’re staying for the Homestay Extension, this is Day 1 of that trip for you (see below).

4d/3n Andean Homestay Extension

This extension trip doesn’t include any workshop material — but it is an opportunity to connect deeply with the Peruvian land and people. And of course, you can bring your journal and workshop materials.

Day 1: Free time in the Valley (August 1, 2020)

While I’m handing departures for those aren’t staying, you’ll have a free day to explore. I can help you arrange a visit to the Salt Pools at Salineras, a museum day in Cusco, zip line from the bluffs, or a mountain hike. After that, we’ll spend the night in our home in the Sacred Valley(note: this day overlaps with Day 8 above)

Day 2: Traveling to our homestay (August 2, 2020)

We’ll be going high into the Andes for our homestay in a remote village. During the trip, we’ll enjoy spectacular views and we’ll probably spot some Incan ruins.

When we arrive at the village, we’ll meet our host families and get settled into our lodgings. Next, the women of the pueblo will teach us all about their world-famous textiles, including the plants they use to dye their natural wools. You’ll be amazed to learn how they weave these intricate designs from their minds, without a pattern of any kind. After that, the family will prepare us a traditional dinner in the pueblo.

Your homestay will be rustic — expect a dirt floor and no hot water. However, Western toilets are usually available.

Day 3: Waking up at our homestay (August 3, 2020)

Firstly, we’ll start our day with a traditional breakfast in the village and a low-energy, high-altitude hike to take in the mountain scenery. After that, we say goodbye to our host families and new friends in the pueblo, we’ll return to the valley for warm showers and one last dinner together in town.

Day 4: Departures (August 4, 2020)

Departure day. I’ll make arrangements for everyone to be returned to the airport in Cusco so you can begin your journey home.

Your Hosts

Dr. Deborah Ballard-Reisch, your workshop leader and coach

Dr. Ballard-Reisch has received multiple awards as a visionary leader, inspiring teacher and mentor, and dedicated researcher. She has spent 30+ years as a university professor and trainer for public and private organizations at local, regional, national and international levels. She takes a strengths-based approach to strategic change and growth and emphasizes healthy communication and relationships in all contexts. 

Her work spans interpersonal and organizational settings, community-based development, health promotion, leadership training, gender, culture and advocacy awareness and facilitation, and strategic planning and assessment. She uses diverse strategies including appreciative inquiry, strengths-based and personality assessments, PSYCH-K®, conflict resolution, and mediation to support workshop participants in identifying their desires and reaching their goals.

Lauren Zehara Haas, RYT, your travel coordinator and yoga instructor

Since 2013, Lauren has been living as a nomad, traveling the world with everything she owns on her back. She leads Women’s Adventure Tours in her favorite places around the world. She serves as US Board Chair for the Niños Del Sol Children’s Home in Peru, which makes this her second home and favorite place to lead trips.

Lauren got her 200-hour RYT from Yandara Yoga Institute in 2005 and has been teaching ever since. Before she became a nomad, Lauren owned two yoga & dance studios in the St. Louis area. Her yoga style is gentle, anatomically-based, and introspective.

Details and registration

Testimonials from past trips

Refreshed and recharged for life

Never in a million years did I think I would have the experience I had in Peru. Thank you, Lauren! Read more “Refreshed and recharged for life”

Jessica Gunneson

A well-rounded immersion in culture

Lauren was a fantastic host —wonderful, full of life, giving, trustworthy and a ton of fun! Even though the stay was only a week long, we got such a beautiful, well-rounded immersion in the culture…

What this is not: your standard trip. We saved money along the way and got a fantastic cultural voyage. I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience and I will most definitely be joining Lauren again in the near future. Read more “A well-rounded immersion in culture”

Gabriella Gaita

A Fabulous Adventure

A fabulous vacation and adventure through the small neighborhoods all the way to the top of Machu Picchu Read more “A Fabulous Adventure”

Amber Price

Signing up for another trip!

Small group of great women, rented house, and creative tour leader who helped us see parts of Peru that tourists normally don’t get to see. Read more “Signing up for another trip!”

Lynda Latifa Wilkinson

I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience

Lauren, our host, was a charming ambassador for Morocco; I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience than she did for our group consisting of eight strangers (soon to become friends).

Thank you, Lauren, for planning such a wonderful trip and sharing so many fabulous experiences. Looking forward to your future retreats. Read more “I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience”

Melody McGowan

Safe, comfortable, and fun!

women only travel group with camel

Lauren made me feel comfortable and safe traveling to a part of the world I had never been to previously.  The personal experiences she shares regarding being a smart traveler and her cultural knowledge are valuable.

She is friendly, a good problem solver, respectful of personal space/time, and fun. I would definitely travel with her again. Read more “Safe, comfortable, and fun!”

Jen Draco

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I strongly recommend buying travel insurance well ahead of your trip. Insurance will refund you in the event you need to cancel at the last minute, and will also cover lost luggage, medical emergencies, stolen telephone, and so much more.

Other Important Information:
This trip is being offered subject to a minimum number of travelers registering. In the event the trip needs to be canceled by Indie Travel Guru, LLC, you will be notified as early as possible and your deposit and/or payments will be refunded in full.

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