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Why I Carry Travel Insurance from World Nomads

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I’ve carried World Nomads insurance for over a year now. Here’s why I’ll never leave home without them.

World is a Book

I had World Nomads insurance when I got injured last year in South Africa — but  I didn’t call them. Why not? Because I’ve always disliked insurance companies, I suppose. And because I have a vicious independent streak that made me want to solve my own problems.

When I finally talked to them, I realized I was an idiot.  They were delightful and sincerely wanted to help me. This is a mistake I’ll never make again.

Had I called them at the time, they would have connected me with a doctor in South Africa, helped me find a flight home, and reimbursed me for my non-refundable upcoming tour and flight to Ethiopia. In short, they would have saved me thousands of dollars and made everything way easier. Good job, Lauren. Way to solve your own problems. 

By the time I thought “Hey, I’ll bet my travel insurance covers this” I’d already forgotten my African doctor’s name, bought my own flight home, and signed up for US health insurance to cover my care.

The cost of my World Nomads policy for six full months of coverage? $335

There are three morals to my story:

  1. Get travel insurance. Just do it. (Covers your camera & phone up to $500 each, as well as your body!)
  2. Get it from World Nomads. They are lovely.
  3. If you have a problem, call them immediately.

Disclaimer: Buying travel insurance through the links on this page helps support this site, and we appreciate your support. But I chose to work with World Nomads as a sponsor because I use the product, love the company and can recommend their product with 100% honesty. 

Here’s some information straight from the friendly folks at World Nomads.

 Travel insurance: simple & flexible

You can buy, extend and claim online, even after you’ve left home. Travel insurance from is available to people from over 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

7 things you should know about travel insurance from

  1. Trusted reliable is backed by a suite of strong, secure, specialist travel insurers who provide you with great cover, 24 hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of support and claims management when you need it most.
  2. Value for money with the cover you provides cover for what’s important for travellers from over 150 countries. By focussing on what you need and leaving out what you don’t, World Nomads prices are some of the most competitive online.
  3. Flexibility when you need it mostHad a change of plans? You can extend your policy or claim online while you are still away. You can even buy a World Nomads policy if you’re already travelling.
  4. Cover for a range of adventure activitiesFrom skiing & snowboarding in New Zealand to whitewater rafting in Colorado, covers a range of adventure activities, giving you peace of mind to get the most from your travels.
  5. World Nomads keeps you travelling safelyAll members have access to up-to-date travel safety alerts, as well as travel safety advice and tips online through the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub.
  6. More than just great value travel insuranceAll members can learn the local lingo through a series of iPod & iPhone Language Guides and can stay in touch with family and friends with an online travel journal.
  7. Commitment to exceptional customer serviceWe want to make sure you get the most from You can find out more about why travel insurance is important for your trip. If you have any questions about your travel insurance or travel safety in general, please contact directly.'

I'm Lauren, the founder of Indie Travel Guru. I'm living proof that a life of travel and adventure is available to anyone who wants it. At 40, I was a single mom with no passport, a poverty-level income, and big dreams. At 48, I started traveling the world with everything I own in a backpack. That was in 2013, and I'm still going strong!

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