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I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience

I was extremely impressed with the planning it must have taken to make this women’s retreat go as smoothly as it did.

Lauren, our host, was a charming ambassador for Morocco; I don’t see how anyone could provide a better experience than she did for our group consisting of eight strangers (soon to become friends). Our accommodations were all fine, some were much more than that. Our home base was a riad, perfect for this type of retreat. Modest but comfortable surroundings, large enough to accommodate the group.

She had arranged for a wonderful local woman to cook breakfast for us. She had local guides lined up to show us some of the most interesting things that none of us would have been able to do on our own. One evening Lauren arranged a Shikhat party. Quite the treat! Another experience at the riad included a cooking class with a local chef. I am proud of myself for learning to cook tagine!

Lauren arranged ticket purchases, transportation, and provided options for those in the group that could not participate in some of the activities. From walks to and from the Marrakech markets, hiking up a mountain, museums, and local artists, I loved each experience!

Lauren was flexible, patient, very knowledgeable and fun to spend time with. I learned so much more about Morocco during my retreat with Lauren than I would have on my own. Such a treat for me and a very nice to have someone take care of all the logistics for me! A highlight for me was the desert camp–our group of eight were the only people there and that made an already unusual experience even more fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the variety of places that our itinerary was designed to show us.

Lauren was a great host, very responsive to all pre-trip inquiries, and very helpful with information I didn’t even know I needed.

I would highly recommend attending any of Lauren’s Women’s Adventures for anyone considering this type of vacation! This was my first experience with this type of group retreat, complete with a fabulous host, and I was concerned about spending that much time with strangers. Turned out that Lauren was great making each of us feel welcome and key to making sure we all got the most out of this experience. I am grateful for that—not just that she made things easier, but she really paid attention to our individual needs.

Thank you, Lauren, for planning such a wonderful trip and sharing so many fabulous experiences. Looking forward to your future retreats.