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A well-rounded immersion in culture

I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren for the first time during the Morocco trip. That’s right: we were “only” Facebook friends and let me just say that what you see: a wonderful, full of life, giving, trustworthy and a ton of fun person: is what you get… and more!

Lauren was a fantastic host! She endeavored to get the best experience for us and shared freely all her expertise on world travels and life… and yoga! Loved that extra perk!

I was concerned about going to Morocco because of the different culture, outlook on women and customs in general- so being in an all-woman environment just seemed perfect for me. Add to this the fact that the ladies who formed the group, were fantastic as well… and you have all the ingredients for a really fabulous good time.

Furthermore: Lauren includes all the bits and pieces of culture and her previous travel experiences when laying out the itineraries so I feel that even though the stay was only a week long, we got such a beautiful, well-rounded immersion in the culture. What this is not: your standard trip. We saved money along the way and got a fantastic cultural voyage. I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience and I will most definitely be joining her again in the near future.