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How to Travel the World on a Shoestring Budget

Learn to travel on a budget from an experienced nomad.

I’ll show you exactly how to find cheap flights, book great lodging, travel safely, and so much more.

If you thought world travel was just for rich folks, buckle up.

I’ve been traveling the world for more than 17 years on a poverty-level income, so if I can do this, I know you can do it.

I want you to feel completely ready to tackle the world after this class.

~ Lauren Zehara Haas

 I’ll show you exactly how I travel on a budget:

  • Find the money for a trip, even if you’re broke
  • Score deals on airfare
  • Research your destination
  • Find gorgeous lodging for less
  • Plan your own tours and activities
  • Get around after you land
  • Stay safe & healthy around the world

I’ll also bring some printable handouts, and lots of resources for you to dig further and start planning your next trip!

Sneak Peek

Here’s a little snippet of the section on finding flight deals.

Kind words from previous students:

How to Travel the World on a Shoestring Budget was a transformative look into the life of a true global citizen.  

Lauren boldly treks the world into lands where being solo and a foreigner seems like an invitation to trouble.

Not only does her course help you travel securely and confidently, but also frugally by avoiding the tourist traps.

We have used her techniques in traveling to two countries now and found our experiences so much richer.

The time spent truly enjoying the local culture was even more wonderful when we realized it didn’t cost a penny more than a trip inside our own country. 

We are hooked!

Now we are ready to travel the world too!

Rob & Teresa W.

This was an excellent course. The teacher had a ton of first hand experience to share with us and did so with an engaging presentation.

I LOVED learning from Lauren, and I highly recommend this workshop to others in the future.

Brenda C

This class was great! I learned way more about traveling on a shoestring budget than I expected, and the instructor was wonderful.

I now feel like I have the tools and knowledge to plan a great, safe and cheap trip!

Heather D

I am so glad that I came to this class. I got everything I expected and more. Now I know how to plan my trips and the resource tools to get the most for my money. The more money I can save the more traveling I’ll be able to do.

Lauren was great; she is easy to talk to and allowed time for us to ask questions. I would love to have more classes with her.

Rebecca M

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