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Navigating the Waters of Living on a Cruise Ship

live on a cruise ship
Living on a cruise ship means lounging by the pool whenever you want!

Have you ever wondered what living on a cruise ship would be like?

It may seem too rich a lifestyle for the average person, but you might be surprised to learn that it’s a real option for retirees or digital nomads.

Today we’ll look at life and what you can expect regarding expenses, food, and amenities when you live on a cruise ship. But first, let’s talk about how much cash you’ll need to float on this boat.

How much does living on a cruise ship cost?

 Living on a cruise ship is less expensive than you might think. Life at Sea offers a three-year cruise worldwide that docks at all seven continents and 135 countries. This cruise of a lifetime starts around $38,000 per person per year (double occupancy), not including any extras, such as any off-ship activities, personal care items, or alcohol. 

That makes living on a cruise ship a very real possibility for anyone who can work remotely. (Check out our series on digital nomad jobs and our info on how to become a digital nomad if you’re not quite there yet).

On board amenities

Life on a cruise ship is a pretty appealing idea for most people.

Now that you’re tempted, you may wonder what amenities are included when you live on a cruise ship. Well, almost all the comforts of home and more. 

This ship is set up for digital nomads with everything you need to work digitally with wifi and business center access, so you can focus on your job. The wifi is good enough for checking email and social media, Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp. However, there will be no streaming or watching of movies, so if you want those, consider downloading them before the trip.

Amenities include:

  • Pod Embarkation System and Storage
  • Dining On Board
  • Soda, Tea, and Coffee
  • Port Fees and Taxes
  • Service Charges 
  • High-Speed Internet 
  • Gym and Fitness
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • Seminars for Personal Enrichment
  • Entertainment and Performances
  • Business Center Access
  • Medical Consultations

How wonderful it would be to have someone come and clean your room, cook, and free up all that extra time to live life to the fullest!

With not having to buy meals, pay rent, or spend money on commuting around town, how can one not travel the world like this? It would be mutiny!

Captain Stubing never had it this good

Dining table on a cruise ship

While on the ship, your home has modest but elegant and comfortable furnishings.  You can expect a pod closet/ storage system to be sent to your home before the trip that you fill with what belongings you wish to bring for the duration of the trip. These can be clothes, pictures, work supplies, and more. The pod then gets delivered to the ship and put in your room. While your cabin isn’t big living quarters, life on a cruise ship makes up for it in other ways.

Imagine waking up daily to a different backyard, never running to the grocery store for coffee or food because it’s always waiting for you. 

After your morning beverage, you might go to the deck to meditate and enjoy some yoga with one of the onboard yoga instructors. After your self-care time, you mosey to the business center to get some much-needed work done. You take a lunch break in a few hours and enjoy one of the ship’s expertly prepared meals. Ship meals can be casual or fancy, depending on your mood, and they are healthy and fresh, covering a wide variety of culinary preferences and lifestyles.

In the afternoon, you might go on shore to experience one of the world’s wonders, like penguins in the Galapagos Islands. 

Remember nightlife! This ship boasts a lively evening with swanky bars, crafted cocktails, karaoke, dancing, and entertainment to please almost anyone. Or go for a moonlit stroll on the top deck and gaze at the vast sea.

Fantastic voyage

On this trip of a lifetime, you’ll experience thirteen world wonders, seven continents, and three hundred and eighty-two destinations.

Imagine yourself visiting mystical places steeped in history like the Coliseum, Taj Mahal, the Acropolis, and the Great Wall of China, among others.

You can expect to visit destinations including New Zealand, Athens, the Canary Islands, Rio De Janeiro, Namibia, Rome, Maui, Vancouver, Juneau, Tokyo, Taipei City, and many more.

You’ll experience unique things like the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand, in addition to making new friends on the ship to last a lifetime.

Extra expenses of living on a cruise ship

Let’s talk about extra expenses on this luxury liner. 

Most stuff is included, but you will pay for excursions, meals, and entertainment off the boat. Of course, souvenirs, postage, and personal items are extra. It’s also safe to assume that personal care services like haircuts, color, nails, and massages are also a la carte.

Remember that items like alcohol, beauty services, and personal items can cost much more than at home. So make sure you have extra money to spend to keep you afloat for things like overpriced aspirin or nail polish, and for other experiences you’ll come across on this voyage.

Now that you’re ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime and set sail for adventure, romance, and mystery, you also now know that you can live that digital nomad life without sacrificing comfort. If you’re interested in boarding the ship, check out Life at Sea Cruises for more information.