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SUITEDNOMAD Compression Packing Cubes Review

I’ve been using the SUITEDNOMAD Compression Packing Cubes Set for over a year now, and these ultralight cbags are making my travel life easier. Here’s my review. 

Review: SUITEDNOMAD Compression Packing Cubes Set,Ultralight Travel Organizer Bags

When I was first loading my pack for my around-the-world adventure, I used compression sacks, and I loved them. But when they finally wore out after seven years or so on the road, I learned the company stopped making them. Harrumph.

So I had to find something new.

I was really resistant to using packing cubes — I tried them before, and they added nothing but bulk and weight to my pack. I ended up leaving them behind after only a few weeks of travel.

But this new compression packing cube set from SUITEDNOMAD turned out to be the perfect hybrid between a compression sack and a packing cube. I’m thrilled with these and would never go back!

How the ultralight compression packing cubes work

Each compression packing cube has two zippers — one that closes the bag and one that compresses it.

You overfill the cube with clothing — folded or rolled — then use the compression zipper to press out all the air. This step shrinks your pile of clothing down to 1/2 or even 1/3 the size it started at.

Here’s a video that shows exactly how these ultralight compression packing cubes work. Notice the way the woman in the video uses her finger to keep the extra fabric out of the way while compressing — that’s important!

Why I love them

First, these compression packing cubes are super high quality. I’d never heard of the SUITEDNOMAD brand before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the quality is top-notch, and I think these will last a very long time (even when they’re being stuffed to the gills and treated roughly).

SUITEDNOMAD Compression Packing Cubes Set,Ultralight Travel Organizer Bags review quality

Second, they are SUPER lightweight. Much lighter than the packing cubes I’ve tried before. They’re made out of the same featherweight ripstop fabric that’s often used in ultralight backpacking gear.

They keep my clothes well-organized so I can always find what I need in a hurry.

SUITEDNOMAD Compression Packing Cubes Set,Ultralight Travel Organizer Bags review

The bags come in several sizes. I have the three-bag set (there’s also a six-bag set).

The largest one holds all my tops/dresses/cardigans, the medium one for pants, and the small one is my “lingerie drawer.”

I usually have room left over to tuck in my scarves and other small items.

Are the SUITEDNOMAD compression packing cubes right for you?

If you’re a longer-term traveler who carries wrinkle resistant clothing, and you need to fit a lot of gear into a small space, then yes.

If you’re a business-type traveler trying to keep your clothing wrinkle free for meetings, then no.

You can get good prices on SUITEDNOMAD compression packing cubes on

Want to see what else is in my pack?

I know people are curious, and after six years on the road I’ve weeded out the things that didn’t work and narrowed it down to just the very best items.  I’ve laid everything out for you in this post about my gear.

FAQs about Compression Packing Cubes

Are compressible packing cubes worth it?

Yes. Ultralight compressible packing cubes can reduce the size of your down to 1/3 of what you started with. They’re inexpensive, durable, and easy to store.

What is the difference between packing cubes and compression packing cubes?

Regular packing cubes are great for organizing your suitcase. They’re perfect for a business traveler carrying suits and cotton shirts in a structured suitcase, but they’re too heavy and bulky for a backpacker or long-term traveler. Compression packing cubes are ultralight and reduce the size of your load to 1/2 or 1/3 what you started with. They’re perfect for longer-term travel if you’re carrying wrinkle-resistant clothing.

Do compression packing cubes really save space?

Yes. They can reduce the size of a stack of clothes to 1/2 or even 1/3 its original size, depending on the fabrics.

How many compression packing cubes fit in a carry-on?

A standard American-sized carry-on can hold between three and six compression packing cubes, depending on how full you stuff them and what else you’re carrying. However, a small European-sized carryon can only fit about three compression packing cubes.