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This month, I begin selling everything I own. My house, furniture, art, books, Christmas decorations. Everything. When I am finished, everything I own will fit into one large and one small backpack.

By June, I will have hugged all my loved ones and wrapped up all my loose ends, and I will get on a plane to begin the next chapter of my life. This chapter is about seeing the world a little at a time, or as much of it as I can see.

A photo of the moment I made my final decision. More on that later…

FAQ: No, I’m not sure where I’ll begin my journey, or when it will end. I don’t know yet how long I’ll spend in each location, or what I will do there. Or even why I’m doing this. Yes, I’m going alone.  No, I won’t take you with me 😉

I thought when I told people about my plan they would think I was a loon. I was wrong. More people than I ever imagined have asked me to write about the nuts and bolts of how to do this, because they’ve seriously considered it. Or they’ve asked me to write about my travels, so they can travel along.

So I will chronicle, in this blog, the backstory of how this dream evolved and how I arranged my life to make it come true. And I’ll share the story as it unfolds, too. I’ll let you know how I go about downsizing my life, where I travel to, and what I find there. And how I support myself along the way.

Please follow me, interact with me, and keep me company on this solo voyage into the unknown!

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