Here’s a button to set up automatic payments. The first payment will happen immediately, and after that they’ll happen automatically on the same day of the month for 6 payments. 

Here’s my math:
$1295 Spain trip
+  600  Morocco extension
= $1895 total
–  200 deposit already paid
= $1695 remaining
÷     6 payments
= $ 282.50 per month

Just click this button and complete the payment form on the next page to start the series of 6 payments of $282.50 per month


Lauren Haas is a nomadic freelance writer. She has been traveling the world, living out of a backpack, since May of 2013. Lauren has written regularly for CBS Local, WebPsychology, Hipmunk, and Hotelplanner, and has also been published in The Culture-ist, Matador, and other online and print publications.

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