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Easy Indonesian Travel Phrases on Flash Cards

Want to learn enough easy Indonesian travel phrases to get by, without all the extras? I got you.

More than 700 regional languages are spoken in Indonesia, but 94% of the population speaks the common Indonesian language (known as Bahasa Indonesia).

Here are the phrases I use most when traveling to shop, dine, and make friends — all on flashcards so you can study & quiz yourself! I’ve given the pronunciation that an American can easily learn well enough to be understood.

Easy Indonesian Travel Phrases



Pronounced like “toe-long” with a soft t sound (td)

Thank you

Terima Kasih 

Pronounced like tuh-ree-muh kah-see



Pronounced like yeah



Pronounced like tee-duck

One of those

Salah satunya

Pronounced like sah-lah sa-tune-yeh
(tolong salah satunya = One of those, please)

How much is it?

Berapa harganya

pronounced like burr-ah-pa har-gan-ya
(how much is it = ini berapa harganya)

The check

Boleh minta bilnya

Pronounced like bol-ay min-ta bil-nyah

Note: There are many ways to say this – this is the simplest for English speakers to learn.



Prounounced just like I am
ayam goreng = fried chicken (i am go reng)



Pronounced like me
Fried noodles – mie goreng



Pronounced like nah-see

Fried rice = nasi goreng


Kopi or Teh

Pronounced like cope-ee or teh



Pronounced like eye-er or eye-eh

Good morning

Selamat pagi

Pronounced like sell-a-maht pah-ghee

Used in the morning until about 11am

Good Day

(this is the most common formal greeting in Indonesia)

Selamat siang

Pronounced like sell-a-maht see-ang

Used roughly from 11am-3pm

Good Afternoon

Selamat sore

Pronounced like sell-a-maht sore-ay

Used roughly from 3pm-6pm

Good Evening/good night

Selamat malam

Pronounced like sell-a-maht mah-lahm

Used roughly from 6pm-midnight

Where is the bathroom?

Di mana kamar mandi

Pronounced dee-MAH-nah kam-ar man-DEE

Eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Makan (makan pagi, makan siang makan malam)

Pronounced like MAH-kan

Ready for more? I suggest learning the numbers 1-10 your next step.

About these Indonesian travel phrases

Easy Indonesian travel phrases on flashcards
Bali is mostly Hindu, but you do see an occasional Buddha.

Like all languages, there are usually several ways to say things.

For these Indonesian travel phrase flashcards, I’ve given you the simplest phrase to say and remember.

Note that English is widely spoken in tourist-friendly areas of Indonesia.

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