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Nomad’s Kitchen

Poached eggs with greens – in the microwave

    Have you ever tried to make a healthy breakfast in a kitchen with no stove or oven? This is one of my favorite solutions — high in protein, only about 150 calories, tasty, and satisfying.

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    Fresh tomato sauce on pasta

    Fresh Tomato Sauce

      This homemade fresh tomato sauce is usually ready before the pasta is done! I learned to make this in a cooking class in Firenze, and I haven’t bought a jar since.

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      The Nomad Kitchen

        No spices. No staples. Limited tools. Cooking in a travel kitchen can be a problem, but with a little creativity, it’s a good problem!

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        Veggie Latkelets

          This delicate morsel is the love child of a latke with an omelet, so I’m calling it a latkelet.