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Blog: The Soul of a Journey

And we’re off!

Today I arrived in Cartagena.  I hadn’t planned on arriving alone.

My first week was supposed to be a vacation, with my son. But he and I have a troubled relationship and my leaving — even though he’s technically an adult and has refused to accept any actual parenting or direction from me for years — brought things to a head.

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Travel and the (single?) girl

When my plan to leave the country was first hatched, ten years ago, I was staying in a long term relationship ‘for the sake of the kids.’ He humored me, pretending to be working toward the same crazy goal. I let him pretend. I knew I was probably going solo on this voyage, but I was happy to have something to look forward to in my “empty nest” years. It all seemed very far away.

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Unbundling: The beginning

What is it like to try to get rid of EVERYTHING you own?

Well, it’s daunting. Utterly overwhelming. And very liberating.

I’ve just begun. I won’t be renting a storage unit, and I don’t want to burden any of my friends or family members with the task of watching over my stuff, so I have to look at every item in my house and ask “Do I want to carry this around the world on my back?”

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