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Travel Budget Calculator

Need to create a travel budget? This nifty calculator will help you estimate your costs based on the country you choose, including Europe, Asia, and more. You can even check airfares without leaving this page.

Travel Budget Calculator International Europe Asia

Huge shoutout to Their database of global travel costs makes this calculator possible. Be sure to visit their site and sign up for their great newsletter!

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FAQs about creating a travel budget

How do I create a travel budget?

Start by researching airfare, which can be as much as half your trip cost. Then look at lodging costs. Add in any expensive tours or other entertainment.

If you’re frugal, and willing to cook some of your meals, your food and transportation don’t need to cost any more than they would if you stayed home. But keep in mind that expensive restaurants and shopping are big temptations, and many travelers like to indulge themselves with spa treatments, cocktails, coffee drinks, appetizers, and desserts.

How much should I budget for travel?

It depends on where you’re going. In parts of Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa you can eat, sleep, and enjoy yourself for as little as $50 a day. Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US are quite a bit more expensive, and if you choose to travel in a luxurious style, you could spend $200 a night just on lodging.

The best way to know how much to budget is to research actual costs for the type of lodging, transportation, and activities you would want at your destination.

What is the best budget travel destination?

If you want to save on transportation costs, stay close to home. If you want to travel internationally, consider the northern parts of South America. Ecuador and Colombia are affordable countries to visit, and airfares are very reasonable from the US.

If you don’t mind spending on airfare but want to live cheaply after you arrive, consider Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, or Cambodia. All have very low costs of living.