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About Us

What is Indie Travel?

Indie = Independent.

It means you make your own arrangements, figure things out as you go, and don’t want to look at a destination through a bus window all day and then sleep in a predictable chain hotel at night.

Indie travelers are always looking for two things: New experiences and great deals.


On this site, we’ll help you dig up unique lodging options, pack light, find deals on flights, and figure out how you might afford to squeeze some extra travel into your budget.

New to Indie travel? We’ll hold your hand while you get started. Experienced Indie traveler? You’ll love getting ideas and inspiration from travel writers who totally understand you.

Travel is my passion

LaurenHaas2015I’m Lauren Haas, the publisher of this site.

In May, 2013, I sold all my worldly possessions and took off around the world with everything I owned in a backpack. I’ve been traveling the world ever since, supporting myself as a freelance writer. I know the joy and the pain that come with travel, and I wouldn’t trade one minute of my experiences for anything.

I started this site to share practical tips and information with other travelers and those who dream of travel. You can read my advice here, and increasingly I’m including the voices of other writers as well, all focused on budget travel advice and inspiration.

Have questions, suggestions, or story ideas? Send them to me, I’d love to hear them!

Editorial Policy

This site is advertiser supported. When you buy through our links, it supports the site.  However, we want to remain a trusted and scrupulously honest source of information for you, and that goal will always take precedence over potential profit.

Our policy is that all recommendations reflect the genuine opinions of our writers, who are experienced travelers and familiar with the goods and services they write about. When a writer’s recommendation happens to coincide with an affiliate link that supports the site, or an opportunity to take advantage of sponsored content, all is well in our world. If that doesn’t turn out to be enough revenue to support the site, we’d rather walk away than sell out. (hint: Use those affiliate links when they’re provided if you want us to stick around!)

Affiliate links, sponsored posts, and reviews of comped trips or products will always be clearly indicated on the page where they appear.



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