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Oct 2023: Women’s Adventure in Istanbul

Explore palaces and mosques, wander the Grand Bazaar, indulge in a hammam, and dive deep into one of the greatest cuisines in the world. You also have the option to visit the Mediterranean coast and explore ancient ruins.

Women's Group Travel in Java & Bali

April 2024: Women’s Adventure in Java/Bali

This group will visit 12th-century Hindu and Buddhist temples, learn some Balinese dance steps, conquer a jungle swing, and hang out in the Monkey Forest — plus there’s an option to visit orangutans in Borneo as well!

Digital Nomad Class

Do you dream of traveling full-time?

Nomadic life is as wonderful as you imagine — and more accessible than you think. I lived as a digital nomad for nine years, and I’m happy to share everything I learned and answer all your questions.

I’m sharing all my secrets

I’ll teach you how I visited more than 40 countries on a poverty-level income. Learn how to book cheap flights, find amazing lodging, and live your best life for less money than you probably imagine.

women's group travel

Women’s Adventure Tours

Travel with me and other cool chicks on deep dives into global cultures.

Budget travel planning

Learn budget travel secrets

How to find all the best deals and plan trips like a seasoned pro.

Become a nomad

Become a digital nomad

Learn how to earn a living remotely and build your location-independent life.

Lauren Zehara Haas leads women's group travel adventures around the world

If you thought world travel was only for rich folks — buckle up!

Hi, I’m Lauren.

When I first started traveling the world, I was a single mom living on a poverty-level income. Now I’ve been traveling the world on a shoestring budget for nearly 20 years — nine of those as a digital nomad. If I can do it, you can do it!

Through my classes and women’s group travel events, I hope I can inspire you and teach you everything you need to know to make the world your playground.

I hope to meet you soon, in a class or on a Women’s Adventure Tour!

~ Lauren Zehara Haas

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